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SLAA is a proud member of the Jr. NBA. We run leagues and competitions throughout the year using the guidelines and philosophy of the Jr. NBA and USA Basketball.


The Jr. NBA Philosophy is to share the game of basketball with youth across the world by teaching skills, values, and wellness in a positive and fun environment. The Jr. NBA’s holistic approach is intended to strengthen the culture of youth basketball, teach life lessons, and empower youth to live a full and healthy life. The Jr. NBA believes this philosophy leads to developing complete and well-rounded basketball players and individuals.


Why Do We Have 3v3 ?

In an environment where young players just want to compete in games, we believe that a competitive 3x3 league combined with regular technical trainings can provide a lot of value. Not only has 3×3 become very popular (and turned into an Olympic sport), it has also proven to be highly beneficial in developing key skills. 3×3 benefits include players touching the ball a lot more often, a very fast paced environment forcing players to think quickly, and more spacing which makes defending difficult.


Ages 7-17

U.S.A Basketball Guidelines

Certified Referees (Ages 10+)

Adjustable Rims

Includes NBA Replica Jerseys

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